Remwater, Michael Moran Associates, LLC

Dr. Moran approached Blend to speak about building a website to disseminate years of publicly available information, which was no longer available online. Blend Web Marketing’s WordPress hosting provided a stable, secure host to publish 40+ years of public information on mining and wastewater. Today Dr. Moran has more than 40 years of documents available to the public for download from …

Musical Maestra

Musical Maestra, Ashley Holmberg

Wanting to develop an online presence, Ashley turned to Blend to develop a site to highlight her personal accomplishments and provide a platform to show off her performances. She utilized Blend’s search engine optimization services and web hosting services to make sure people are able to learn more about her during performances and for many days after.

Dance of the Sacred Fire

Dance of the Sacred Fire, Carbondale, Colorado

Looking to update his site from an older static html page to a modern content management system, Maciej turned to Blend Web Marketing for a online makeover. With a new site that utilizes the latest in HTML and CSS, in addition to being fully optimized for organic search engine optimization, Dance of the Sacred Fire updated their site to be …

New Moon Cafe

New Moon Cafe, Keystone, Colorado, Web Design

Wanting to work with someone local, the owner of the New Moon Cafe, Barb, reached out to Marcus at Blend to talk about a website redesign, website hosting, search engine optimization, and a social media strategy. Collaborating during the fall off season of 2015, Blend designed, optimized and launched a new site in time for the winter season at Keystone Resort.