About Us

Our People

The Chairman

Marcus Thackston
Marketing Guru, WordPress Ninja, S.E.O. Specialist

Working in marketing related positions for the past 8 years both locally in Colorado and internationally in France and Chile, Marcus founded Blend Web Marketing out of a desire to help small businesses thrive in mountain towns without affordable marketing solutions.  Holding a B.A. in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, and an M.Sc. in Tourism Management from the La Rochelle Business School of Tourism on the western coast of France, Marcus’ outlook on small business is unique.

Specializing in creating modern, responsive websites, with s.e.o optimization on a local and international scale, he can get things done for small business on a budget that you wouldn’t find with larger agencies.  When he’s not working on a local businesses marketing strategy, you can find him on his days off planning the next big adventure in the backcountry of Colorado.

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The C.O.O.

Hunter Johnson
HTML5 Ninja, Design Guru, Customer Support Specialist

 After starting his own apparel line and facing obstacle after obstacle with the web development company he hired, he took the reins in his own hands and taught himself to build the e-commerce site on WordPress. Now years later he has built and managed dozens of sites and is currently managing websites for two multi million dollar companies. He stresses customer support and works tirelessly to get the design exactly how the customer wants it.  When he’s not behind a laptop, destroying some outdated code, Hunter can be found enjoying a game on the links and spending time with his family.

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Our Offices

Carbondale, Colorado Web Marketing

Carbondale, CO

Located in the heart of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, Carbondale offers a great location to have a perfect work – life balance. With a vibrant local community and a outstanding art council, we love being a part of the local community. And helping other small businesses find their roots.

Durango, Colorado Web Marketing

Durango, CO

Nestled alongside the majestic San Juan mountains, and home to Fort Lewis College, Durango offers a great location to cultivate startups in a mountain town setting – thing’s that don’t normally go hand in hand. Besides providing an ample supply of business opportunities, the people of Durango are what keep us around.